Pakistani Artist Pays Tribute To Robin Gibb – Dedicates New Album

September 7, 2012

The music of the Brother’s Gibb is eternal. We all knew that they inspired musicians around the world, but to what extent is only now surfacing.

World music Artist Mahmood Khan

One such story out of all places is emerging out of Pakistan. Australian based Pakistani world music artist Mahmood Khan went to the writing canvas after Robin Gibb’s passing this year in May.

‘I could not deal with it. Just unbelieveable that he was really gone. Once the initial shock was over the only thing I could do was to write and I guess the overwhelming emotion made me complete the whole album in a month. I started off writing lyrics in English, but before I knew I was writing in
Urdu, my mother tongue. Then I remembered talking to Robin when I had met him in Los Angeles in 1994. We discussed song writing and he believed that music has no language and that music is a feeling. During the production of this album I felt him all around me and the inspiration was divine’, comments Khan.

Mahmood’s musical career was influenced by the voicing, writing and production of the Brother’s Gibb.

‘Consistency inspires me and they had a mountain of it. Their records were the clearest sounding. No one sounded better. Robin’s voice has embossed a never fading stamp on the recording history. The timelessness of the work is awe inspiring. His musical legacy will grow on and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Among the many things I found to be common between us one that’s of particular importance is the love for American Black music, Artists like the Delfonics, Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding’, says Khan.

Mahmood Khan is a Pakistani born Australian singer song writer known for his work with the Legendary Nusrat fateh Ali Khan and being the only Asian Artist to have scored a number one song on the Australian Pop charts with his song ‘Like the River” which was recorded Live at the Sydney Opera House.

The album Hum Do ( Two of us ) which was uploaded exclusively on Dailymotion can he heard here


Mahmood Khan Live on Youtube- Celebrating 50 Million Views

August 19, 2012

Directed by Hungarian film maker Zsolt Nagy- Watch this inspiring documentary about Mahmood Khan

November 17, 2011

Watch the Special Tv Edition- Celebrating 50 Million Views-Mahmood Khan’s In depth Interview by Mark Olford

November 17, 2011

Mahmood Khan’s latest TV Interview on News network in Pakistan

November 17, 2011

Mahmood Khan in the NEWS

November 17, 2011

Mahmood Khan makes headline News in Pakistan

November 17, 2011

World/Pop music Artist celebrates 50 Million online views on Television

August 13, 2011

Yes folks it is true Online views are being celebrated on Television now.
Views have become the new measuring tool to validate an Artist’s success.

World music Artist Mahmood Khan’s popularity sky rocketed after his appearance on ‘The Kerri Anne’ show where he became the first Pakistani Artist to perform on Australian National Television.

Mahmood Khan is known for his timeless recordings with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, for scoring a number one International single with his song ‘Like the River’, which was recorded Live at Sydney Opera House and now for carving his own niche audience using Internet technologies.

The program ‘Mahmood Khan- Celebrates 50 Million views- Special TV program- airs Live on Youtube on Aug 14th.

Celebrating 50 million views

Mahmood Khan

Mahmood Khan – Live on Youtube – Celebrating 50 million views

July 13, 2011

Press release

Celebrating 50 million views

Mahmood Khan

So this pretty much confirms that the time is here when Independent, regional and indigeneous Artists can build a massive audience in the cyberspace playing field.
Yes, internet alone has become powerful enough to establish careers. Its the medium where everything solidifies, persistence pays off and compromise is not required of Artists in order to achieve their personal and professional objectives.
Case in study is the success story of Mahmood Khan.

How did he do it?
How does he see the relationship between Artists and Internet in this new playing field?
What kind of resistence did he face and how high were the hurdles?
Why was he banned on mainstream media in India and Pakistan?
What led him to become a copyright Activist?

To get a glipmse of his outstanding journey log onto for a Live Broadcast on Aug 14th, 7pm.

Khan is known for his work with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, for his International number one single ‘Like the River’ and his contribution to the global music scene for inventing a new genre ‘World/Pop’

Dont miss the Special TV performance on ‘The Kerri Anne show’ Aug 10th.

Official Site
Songs R People
Mahmood Khan Youtube Channel

songs are people

Khan To Perform At The Holi Festival

February 1, 2011

Songs Are People Press Release
Sydney, February 1, 2011

World music Artist singer/ song writer Mahmood Khan along with his 12 member band MKF is set to take the stage at the Holi Festival being held in Sydney, Australia on March 19th 2011.
mahmood khan
Khan is known for his recordings with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and for being the first Artist from the Indian region to score a number one with his song ‘Like the River‘ recorded Live at the Sydney Opera House, on the Australian pop charts.
He is strongly influenced by American Funk music and fuses it with elements of Qawali, Pop, Folk, MOR and Gypsy genres. MKF member
He names Barry Gibb and John Farrar as his songwriting influences, working as a hip hop producer in LA for his groove development and looks upto Van Morrisson, Paul Simon and John Denver.
In the world of sound engineering he studied Humberto Gatica and Karl Richardson extensively. As a music producer he loves the work of Mutt Lange (Mostly the Shania Twain albums), Giorgio Moroder, Barry Gibb, Steve Winwood and Laxmikant/Pyarelal. MKF band Member
The vocalist in him is inspired by the clarity of Cliff Richard, phrasing of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Johnny Cash, the truth of Kishore Kumar and the knowledge of Aziz Mian Qawal.
This ultra modern and diverse fusion of influences expresses itself through his polished song writing that eveolved over time. This old school investment came naturally to him as he found his solace in writing songs. His voice is a unique Eastern instrument and is the core element of his sound that cant be placed in any genre. It is ‘new sounding’ and falls under a new genre ‘World/Pop’. MKF band Member
Now with Australian audiences responding to his passion and his online views reaching 20 million on Youtube, he is back in the studio to write fresh songs and to finish the screen play of the motion picture ‘Labrador’.
For more details on the Holi Performance please go to
MKF band Member
Mahmood Khan is a Gibson Artist. MKF band Member
Where: Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Sydney
When: March 19th 2011,3 pm How much: Free for All

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